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Phrontex is corporate governance in practice.

Phrontex is a governance management system.

You use it to track your governance objectives and compliance obligations and map them to your policies, procedures, and people. Phrontex creates a single source of truth about how your organization is governed, so you can be confident that your organization is aware of its obligations and is doing everything it should to meet them.

Phrontex helps manage the risks of governance failure: the fines and penalties, the reputational damage, and the personal liabilities of the directors and executives.

ISO 37000 sets out the principles of good corporate governance. Phrontex makes it happen: Phrontex is the practice of good corporate governance.

What is Phrontex?

Phrontex is a cloud application used to document and communicate the elements of your organization’s governance system. It provides a simple and straightforward way to define your governance and compliance requirements, and the policies and procedures used to meet those requirements.

Phrontex creates a single source of truth about how your organization is intended to function, in a form that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Managers use it to design and improve their processes, confident that their activities are consistent with policies and requirements.

Trainers and supervisors use it to ensure that employees have the awareness and understanding needed to do their work safely and effectively.

Employees use it as the common point of reference on their accountabilities, responsibilities, and duties.

Auditors use it to validate and verify the organization’s compliance.

Directors use it to be confident that the organization is doing everything it should.

Why do we need it?

Phrontex: Why do we need it

A corporate governance system is not optional. The range and complexity of governance obligations is growing, with a corresponding increase in the risk of governance failure. And the penalties for failure are increasingly dire, both for the organization and for the directors and executives personally.

You need to be confident that your organization is well governed. And can prove it. If your governance system is not well defined and clearly documented, you and your organization are at risk. Your organization might well have most or all of the governance system elements already in place; but without a clear definition of the system as a whole:

  • Directors can’t maintain effective oversight.
  • You can’t prove that the system is working.
  • You can’t monitor and improve system performance.

Traditional documentation doesn’t work for corporate governance

Phrontex: traditional documentation does not work for corporate governance

When was the last time you saw an organization with documentation that wasn’t somewhere between mediocre and appalling?

Traditional documentation is not fit for purpose. A governance system has to be documented as a single body of knowledge, with direct and verifiable connections between its various elements. This just can’t be done with separate documents.

Organizations and compliance requirements are all changing continually. Managers are hard-pressed to document their own activities; no-one has time to maintain a set of documents. Corporate knowledge maintained in a set of documents will always have overlaps, gaps, and contradictions, and be somewhat out-of-date.

Phrontex solves this problem.

Making governance visible

Phrontexmakes governance visible across the organization

Governance practitioners have a problem: the better you do your work, the less visible it is. Your success is measured largely in non-events: the accidents that didn’t happen, the penalties that weren’t incurred, the litigation you weren’t involved in.

And sadly, low visibility usually comes to mean low importance.

Phrontex makes governance visible and highlights its importance, at every level in your organization. Being safe, being ethical, being legal are not one-off tasks. These are continuous activities expected of your organization and its people. Phrontex helps you build and sustain a culture of good governance to drive these activities.

Use cases

Phrontex can be used for your organization’s governance system as a whole, or it can be focused on one or more specific governance areas, such as:

  • Financial services compliance
  • Environmental management, including compliance ISO 14001
  • Quality management, including compliance with ISO 9001
  • Risk management, including compliance with ISO 31000
  • Workplace safety and Workcover requirements
  • Sarbanes-Oxley

Accreditation is all about risk management. As an organisation we had reached the point where the complexity of information, and the duplication, was becoming a risk in itself. This system made it easy to bring it all under control. It’s very flexible and conceptually very powerful: you can organise things the way you think about them, you can experiment. It’s also fun to use, which I wasn’t expecting.

Dr James Galloway
CEO, Joint Accreditation System of Australia New Zealand (JAS-ANZ)

When I started in this role, what the company needed were policies, procedures, and governance frameworks. We didn’t have them; now we do. Phrontex has given us all that in a single, integrated system. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in 30 years of management.

Murray Bailey
CEO, Yancoal Australia Limited

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