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Phrontex: knowledge management for governance and compliance

Phrontex is a web application to manage an organization’s corporate knowledge: policies, procedures, and other documentation. Organizations of all sizes and types use Phrontex—

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Phrontex creates a single source of truth about how your organization is intended to function.
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Managing the documentation risk

In most organizations the policy and procedure documentation is a shambles: too much of it; full of duplications, gaps, and inconsistencies; boring and hard to use. Managers don’t give priority to maintaining it. Employees don’t respect it because it’s not maintained.

Poor documentation is high risk. Corporate documentation is legally discoverable. Senior managers often have only the vaguest idea of what documentation is ‘out there’; but in the event of an incident or investigation, they may find themselves held responsible for the content.

To be effective, documentation must be manageable in the real-world context of busy managers, complex compliance requirements, and continual change.

Phrontex brings the documentation under control.

Documentation to keep the directors out of jail

Phrontex gives you line-of-sight governance. Your directors and senior executives can be confident that the organization is aware of its obligations and can prove that it’s doing everything it should to meet them.

Phrontex creates documentation for effective governance and compliance.

A single source of truth

Good documentation is not a collection of separate documents: it’s an integrated system of knowledge designed as a whole to ensure that the organization functions as intended and achieves its objectives.

A Phrontex system—

Phrontex creates documentation that adds value.

Phrontex is not a document management system

Document management is a problem, not a solution. It’s the content that needs to be managed, not the documents. Phrontex replaces your documents with an integrated system of web pages: easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to audit.

Management standards compliance (ISO, HACCP, SOX, ...)

Phrontex provides a simple way to meet multiple, complex management system requirements through a single, integrated governance framework.

A governance framework that works in practice has to do these things—

Avetta compliance

Configure your Phrontex system to substantiate your Avetta compliance and simplify your compliance response tasks.

Automatic position descriptions and organization charts

Your Phrontex position pages are automatically updated with links to the position’s accountabilities and responsibilities. If you add or change a procedure, the affected positions are updated and the position holders are notified. If you change a position title, all references to the position are updated immediately.

Automatic notifications

Notify your users automatically when there are changes such as pages added, updated, or withdrawn, or when there are tasks falling due such as policies due for review. See reports showing what notifications have been sent, and if the notified users have subsequently viewed the relevant content.

Page histories and version comparison

Phrontex keeps a complete history of each page: when the successive versions were approved, by whom, and the reason for the revision. You can compare versions and revert to an earlier version if you need to.

Custom page types

Define any number of page types, each with its own template content and custom fields. Set up registers for tracking low-volume, critical data (the sort of information typically stored in spreadsheets)—risk register, contracts register, corporate entities register, audit findings, safety reviews, start-up checklists, ...

Precise access and authorization control

Phrontex gives you precise control over who can see and change which content. You can set up multiple permission schemes for your users, such as by role (eg, director, manager, employee, contractor, supplier), by division or department (eg, HR, IT, finance, production), by location, by jurisdiction, or whatever you need.

Custom styling; automatic formatting

Set up your system to follow your organization’s style guide, using your preferred fonts, colouring, and sizing. Styling is applied automatically to all your system content. Formatting is applied automatically, so when your managers are creating content they can focus on management. The formatting takes care of itself and is necessarily consistent across your entire system.

Video and audio content

Your Phrontex pages can include anything that will go on a web page: video and audio files (embedded or linked), graphics and photographs, Google maps. For many compliance requirements, a video is an acceptable alternative to a written work instruction; and often quicker and cheaper to create and better for training.

Downloadable content

Create PDFs and eBooks from any selection of Phrontex pages if you need physical documents or offline content. Downloads are created immediately from the latest versions of the selected pages, so users always have up-to-date content.

Web Content Accessability Guidelines (WCAG) compliance

As a platform, Phrontex meets web accessibility guidelines, making your system accessible to users with poor vision or screen readers, and keyboard-only users.

Responsive display

The Phrontex layout adapts automatically to the user‘s screen size, so the display is comfortable on any device size, from desktop monitor down to hand-held displays.

Minimal training required for organization-wide implementation