Effective stakeholder engagement

Prove that your business is well managed.

Phrontex gives you a quick and effective way to explain your business concept, your business plan, and your management system to the people who need to know about it.

Integrated business planning and PDF output

Offline content

Create eBook content for users in locations with no Internet access. eBook delivery has much the same look and feel as the online system, but without the interactive features.


You can create stand-alone documents from any selection of pages in the system, arranged as needed. The output is a fully formatted PDF, with title page, table of contents, and headers and footers. This may be used for —


Phrontex gives you precise control over who has access to what content, and who can edit and publish new pages, and who can post comments. You can control access by subject matter (finance pages, human resources pages), by user type (managers, employees, contractors), or any other classification scheme you need.