How it works

Phrontex meets the three key objectives of business documentation —

Replace your traditional documentation — policies, procedures, manuals, guides — with an easy-to-use website that presents all your corporate information in a single, integrated body of knowledge.

The Phrontex management system website

Add content using the simple, in-place editor.

The Phrontex in-place editor

The cataloguing of pages and their arrangement on the menu is managed automatically. You can use the built-in rules or define your own structuring scheme.

The Phrontex menu structure

Set permissions to control precisely who can see and update which content.

The Phrontex permissions system

The control sheet for each page manages the metadata, including the details needed for compliance with management system standards such as ISO 9001.

Phrontex document control

Create registers to track critical items like contracts, licences, and compliance obligations.

Phrontex registers

Create management actions for one-off management tasks, such as compliance reports, audit findings, contract renewals, and improvement initiatives.

Phrontex management actions

Notifications keep everyone up to date with changes to the system.

Phrontex notificationsClear here to see a more detailed list of Phrontex features.