Business management: all in one simple, integrated system

Notifications and alerts

Phrontex can notify users when there are content changes relevant to them, when a management action is going to fall due, when pages are updated, or when a comment is posted. Users can choose to receive their notifications by email — immediately or in a daily or weekly summary, or by visiting their personal notifications page.

Position descriptions

Use Phrontex to set the hierarchy of your organization. Phrontex will automatically generate an organization chart based on the reports you input. The positions you create will automatically have content added to them as you add operational content to the system.

Each position description is built with a list of responsibilities and accountabilities that are cross-referenced to the policies and procedures.

Position descriptions are also linked to the actual user that fills that role. This means your employees can see not only where they fit within the organization, but have direct access to the information that affects their role.

User control

Phrontex gives you precise control over who can see and change which content. You can set up multiple classification schemes for your users, such as role (director, manager, employee, contractor, supplier, etc), or division (HR, IT, finance, production, etc), or location; then specify access permissions for each classification.

You can use the access controls both for confidentiality to restrict user access to particular content, and for convenience to hide irrelevant content from particular user groups.

Management actions and action planning

The management action function allows you to add tasks to your action plan as you work through the planning process. You can set deadlines, delegate, and update the status of any task. Management actions are a convenient way to keep track of the tasks and deadlines that arise out of running your business.

Build your task list as you develop your business plan. Turn your decisions into courses of action. Assign immediate and deferred tasks to your people, and track each action through to completion.

Tasks can be added to your task list automatically as you develop your business plan and management system.

Use your management actions as a checklist to ensure you’re doing everything you need to do to set up your business.

Downloadable content

Create PDFs or eBooks from any selection of pages —

Responsive layout, for desktop, laptop, or tablet

The Phrontex screen layout adapts automatically to your screen size, so the display is comfortable to use at a range of sizes, from large desktop monitors down to tablets.