Document control

Meeting the management system requirements.

Phrontex meets the document control requirements of management system standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Most of the control tasks are handled automatically.

Document control tabs
  1. Every page has an owner, who is accountable for the page content and who has authority to approve changes.
  2. The system maintains a complete history of each page, so you can review and compare prior versions. The history may be annotated, with the reason for the change.
  3. Users can be notified automatically when pages are changed: for example, to notify an employee if there is a change to a procedure mentioned in their position description.
  4. Users can be notified automatically if a page is due for review. It is good practice to review your policies and procedures at least annually. In some places this is an explicit legal requirement for some types of policy and procedure (such as safety). Phrontex reminds you to do it and creates a record when it is done.
  5. Pages can be withdrawn from use — hidden from ordinary users — but retained in the system for historical or legal reasons.
  6. The system keeps a record of who has viewed each page, so you can check if your updates have been communicated effectively.