Business Case

A small investment in success

It’s a better way to do work that you have to do anyway

Building a management system is not something extra for you to do, yet another task to add to the list. The elements of your Phrontex system are all things you need to do anyway, one way or another. Business planning, market planning, designing your procedures, deciding what people you need and what they are going to do, setting and implementing policies... This is what it means to manage a business.

Phrontex makes it easier to do these things, bringing your information together in one place, helping you coordinate and prioritize it, and linking it together into a single, structured, live body of knowledge. Phrontex can pay for itself just in the time you save documenting your business’s systems, procedures, and positions.

Managing the directors’ and managers’ legal liabilities

In most places, an organization’s directors and managers can be held legally liable for the actions of the organization and its employees. For their own protection, directors and managers should be able to prove that they are aware of their responsibilities and have taken reasonable steps to meet them. Phrontex provides a straightforward way to do this.

Performance improvement

Management is a cycle: plan, do, check, improve. In practice, the cycle relies on documentation. Without documentation, you don’t know what to change to make improvements, you don’t know what impact your changes will have, and it’s hard to make your changes permanent. Phrontex gives you a straightforward way to understand your current systems, to learn from your performance, and to implement changes effectively. In management, change is constant. Traditional manuals are always following behind the organization’s changes; with Phrontex, you can lead from the front.

Knowledge capture for succession planning

Corporate know-how is an extremely valuable asset; but only if it’s recorded. If your business relies on senior personnel approaching retirement, it’s critical that you capture their knowledge and experience. Phrontex makes this easy —

Preparing a business for sale

Good documentation can make your business more valuable and easier to sell. A key issue in any business sale is the extent to which the business relies on the knowledge and expertise of the outgoing owners. Phrontex can help you package and present your business to potential buyers, to show that you have effective systems, procedures, and governance, and to satisfy them that they will be able to run the business after you leave.

Reduced compliance and audit costs

Phrontex supports an integrated approach to governance and compliance. For organizations requiring certification to multiple management system standards, this can deliver significant savings in compliance and audit costs: instead of requiring a separate management task and a separate audit for each standard, the organization can treat compliance management as a single, standard process with only one set of activities to audit.