Phrontex is an online knowledge management system for business. It provides a simple, automated way to manage your plans, policies, procedures, people, and obligations.

In place of traditional documentation, Phrontex gives you a private website, to provide your employees and stakeholders with a single source of truth about how your business is intended to function.

Phrontex can be used for any kind of business at any stage of its life — from the first concept, to start up, to established corporations. The system provides a range of content, templates, configurations, and user options so you can quickly customize your system to meet your business needs.

Help with all the other business stuff

Most small businesses are built around a core skill: a key activity that you’re good at and enjoy and want to commercialise. The problem is all the other stuff you have to deal with: employees, customers, infrastructure, money, contracts, regulations... This is where most businesses fail. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The other stuff isn’t hard to manage if you’re systematic about it. Phrontex provides the system. It helps you stay on top of the nuts-and-bolts chores of senior management.

Start now!

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