Management actions and alerts

Keeping track of everything that needs to be done

Running an organization means doing things. Managing an organization means deciding what things to do, deciding what order to do them in, and remembering to do them.

The 'things to be done' in an organization can be divided into two types: routine tasks carried out in the normal operation of the organization, and one-off or irregular tasks, not explicitly defined elsewhere in your management system. These one-off tasks can include —

If you are in the early stages of business start-up and development, you will have a comprehensive action list: numerous tasks that will emerge systematically from your planning, or that simply occur to you as you proceed. I must remember to...

The management challenge is keep track of these tasks, bring them to people's attention when they are coming due, and to ensure they are completed. A particular difficulty is matters that will require attention some years into the future, as may be the case with contract and license renewals. It is risky to rely on any individual's calendar to provide a reminder for something well into the future — by the time the matter comes up, the individual might have moved on to another position or another organization, or they might be sick or on leave.

The register of management actions

The Phrontex register of management actions provides a simple solution. A management action is anything that the organization must remember to do. Each action is assigned to a position in the organization, has a due date, and a alert date. The register provides a single management report of all current actions: coming due, in progress, complete.

Fail-safe reminders

Management actions can be created for events well into the future. You set the due date, when the action must be completed and the alert date, when the accountable position should be notified that the matter is coming up. You can give as much lead time as you need.